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Youth State Tournament Qualifiers


A USAW Membership is required for all events. 

A Limited Folkstyle Athlete, Full Athlete, or High Performance Athlete USAW Membership is required for this series. Memberships expire on 8/31 of each year. Limited Folkstyle Athlete Memberships are only valid for MSWA Future Champions and MSWA Youth State Tournament Series events. 

All Coaches Must Have A Current USAW Wrestling Leader Membership to be on the mat at the State Tournament.  If a Coach does not have a USAW Wrestling Leader Card, they will not be permitted access to the mats during the tournaments. To get access & FREE ENTRY to the tournaments; Coaches must present their State ID & USAW Card showing that they have a USAW Wrestling Leader Membership at the door.

Click Here to purchase a USAW Membership.


Years Born
Approx. Start
8 & Under
Middle School
Born in 2016 - 2019
Born in 2009 - 2011
7:30 am - 8:30 am
9:30 am
10 & Under
12 & Under
Born in 2014- 2015
Born in 2012 - 2013
11:00 am - 12:00 pm
1:00 pm
  • No satellite or night before weigh-ins - No weight changes for not making weight
  • No credits & no refunds for not showing or not making weight
  • No weight allowance – must weigh in wearing a singlet or 2-piece uniform.
  • Must cut fingernails. An official NFHS Skin Form that a licensed physician has signed must be presented during weigh-ins for any skin issues. However, an on-site Doctor, Official, or Tournament Director may reject the skin form and disqualify the wrestler.
  • Weight cutting on site is prohibited, wrestlers only have two (2) chances to weigh-in & cannot leave the weigh-in area after a missed weight.
  • Wrestlers will have until weigh-ins close to make weight on any scale being used.
  • All matches will be 1:30-1:30-1:30 with modified NFHS Rules.
All special equipment (mouth guards, knee pads, hair covers, etc..) and any NFHS Skin Forms MUST be presented at weigh-ins. NFHS Skin Form has to be STAMPED BY THE DOCTOR OR CLINIC doing the evaluation or they will not be considered valid.


Wrestlers that QUALIFY for the State Tournament MUST pay on-site the $50 advancement fee. 

Once qualified to advance, a wrestler may not enter another qualifier.


Entry Fees & Deadlines

The entry fee for all qualifiers is $40.00 and the deadline to register is 5:00 PM on the Thursday before the tournament - Walk-in Registrations WILL NOT be accepted.

Participants in an Age/Weight classes with fewer than 2 wrestlers will be advanced to Jr States at no charge---but MUST WEIGH IN and compete at the qualifier for which they registered.  Participants in an Age/Weight classes with only 1 wrestler must weigh in only and will advance at no charge

Online Registrations are Final: Online registrations are non-refundable and non-transferrable. Make sure you check your schedule prior to registering for one of the tournaments.

Must be a resident Maryland to participate. Residency is determined by where you go to school. If questioned, a Report Card will be required.

Modified NFHS Rules

National Federation of State High School Association scoring rules with USA Wrestling modifications will govern the tournament. These USA Wrestling modifications include the following:
  • Headgear is MANDATORY for all competitors.
  • Mouth guards are MANDATORY for wrestlers that have braces.
  • Rest time in-between matches is a minimum of 15 minutes.
  • A match cannot be started when a wrestler does not have a coach present.
  • The three-quarter nelson with leg hook is LEGAL in USA Wrestling Folkstyle Events.
  • The double arm bar with sit out will be considered potentially dangerous.
USA Wrestling rules governing ages, weights, and match time will take precedence where applicable.


Brackets at the qualifiers will be randomly drawn. However, care will be taken to try to ensure that teammates do not meet in the first round when possible. Depending on the number wrestlers in a weight class from the same team, this cannot be guaranteed.


***Wrestlers must complete their bracket to qualify for the State Tournament. Wrestlers that are injured during a finals match and are unable to continue may still qualify depending on their placement.

***NOTE: If a wrestler does not qualify or just not ready for the state championships, try out the MSWA Future Champion Series

***Note regarding MSWA Future Champion wrestlers, once a wrestler qualifies for the MSWA Youth State Tournament, wrestlers are no longer eligible to compete in the MSWA Future Champion Series (which is designed for wrestlers in their first 3 years of practice and/or competition only).  

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