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Northeast Regionals Kids FS/GR Results

By John Nogle, 04/23/18, 3:15PM EDT


Good weekend for Maryland wrestlers in East Stroudsburg, PA

MD had in the neighborhood of 30 wrestlers compete in the KIDS divisions in this weekend’s NE regionals held at East Stroudsburg University. Although our representation was not huge, the wrestlers who participated did very well. It was great to see the coaches from the MD clubs working together to step up to help coach MD wrestlers when multiple MD wrestlers were on the mats at the same time. Shout out to Jason Gabrielson, Mike Fitzgerald, Brad Howell, Tony Rodrigues, Bryan Santangelo, Luke Garvin, Jason Kiessling, Rob Boblits, and Chris Brown for stepping up to coach any MD kid who needed a coach.

Placing in the top 4 in either style from MD in the KIDS divisions:
Bantam 43 – Korbin Kiessling, 1st FS
Bantam 49 – Kyler Kiessling, 1st FS
Bantam 56 – Jacob Endzel, 2nd FS, 1st GR
Intermediate 53 – Corey Brown, 2nd FS, 1st GR
Intermediate 77 – Anthony Rodrigues, 2nd GR
Intermediate 77 – Salah Tsarni, 4th FS, 3rd GR
Novice 58 – Eli Gabrielson, 1st FS, 1st GR
Novice 70 – Joseph Gigliotti, 4th FS, 1st GR
Novice 78 – Evan Boblits, 1st FS, 1st GR
Novice 86 – Ben Smith, 1st FS, 1st GR
Novice 92 – Alexander Rodrigues, 4th GR
Schoolboy 71 – Tyler Garvin, 1st FS, 1st GR
Schoolboy 71 – Bryan Santangelo, 2nd FS, 2nd GR
Schoolboy 77 – Carter Nogle, 2nd FS, 2nd GR
Schoolboy 83 – Coleman Nogle, 1st FS, 2nd GR
Schoolboy 83 – Owen Bell, 4th FS
Schoolboy 97 – Meyer Shapiro, 1st FS, 1st GR
Schoolboy 97 – AJ Rodrigues, 3rd GR
Schoolboy 114 – Clayton Gabrielson, 3rd FS, 3rd GR
Schoolboy 130 – Jaden Selby, 4th FS, 2nd GR
Schoolboy 149 – Hyunku Kim, 4th FS, 3rd GR
Schoolboy 149 – Matthew Rosenstein, 4th GR
Schoolboy 187 – Payton Howell, 3rd GR