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The Biennial Election of the MSWA Board of Directors will be held at a time and location that will be announced by the Board of Directors.  You are eligible to vote if you attend 4 MSWA meetings while holding a current USAW Membership at time of each attended meeting. If you held a USAW Membership during the designated year but were not able to attend 4 meetings, you may request a waiver of the attendance. Inquiries for waiver attendance may be sent to

  1. Individual requesting waiver must be active USAW Member at time of request
  2. Waiver request must be presented in writing (i.e. email)
  3. Majority of the board must vote to approve the waiver request
  4. A waiver for any one individual member does not constitute waiver for all members
    • individual had some direct involvement with the MSWA, ie MSWA coach, official, volunteer, administrator, etc
    • individual did not or does not have any affiliation with competing organization with the MSWA  (per bylaws)
    • individual has not negatively attacked the MSWA or any board member (per bylaws and code of conduct)

Monthly executive board and membership meetings are typically held as needed the 2nd Monday of the month from September through June.  A summer planning meeting is held in August.

The location of the Monthly meetings will be included on the MSWA Emails a minimum of 10 days before the scheduled meeting date.


Maryland State Wrestling Association  
130 N. Bond St  
Suite 203  
Bel Air, Maryland 21014