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High School

Drawing and Seeding

A seeding committee will determine the seeds at a meeting on Tuesday, February 12. Please submit as much information as possible on your seedable wrestlers on the Track Wrestling site, including significant wins and losses. If you know there is going to be a difficult seeding situation, please speak to a member of the seeding committee ahead of time and explain your wrestler’s situation. The seeds will be emailed out or available on Track Wrestling to all coaches by Wednesday morning and can be appealed up until Thursday at 12:00 PM. If a seed is not appealed prior to that time, then the seedings will be final. The Seeding Committee will review all appeals and make final decisions. No appeals will be heard after Thursday.

We will seed 8 wrestlers and one alternate per weight class. Byes will be randomly drawn by the computer. If a seeded wrestler is scratched, all seeded wrestlers below the scratch will move up and the alternate will become the 8th seed.

Length of Matches

All championship round matches shall be 2-2-2. All consolation bouts will be 1-2-2.

Order of Bouts

All matches will be given numbers and called in numerical order based on mat availability. Be aware of your number and be ready to wrestle when called. The tournament is double elimination.

Team Scoring

Refer to the Federation Rule Book. Summary of Scoring

Match Scoring Points   Advancement Scoring Points
Fall 2   Championship Bracket 2
Default 2   Consolation Bracket 1
Forfeit 2      
Disqualification 2      
Technical Fall 1-1/2      
Major Decision (8-14 pts) 1      


Tournament Team Scoring

Place Points
1st 16
2nd 12
3rd 9
4th 7
5th 5
6th 3
7th 2
8th 1



Awards will be given for the following:

  • Top 2 teams in the A and the champion in the B Division
  • Outstanding Wrestler
  • Wrestler who has the Most Falls in Least Amount of Time
  • Senior wrestler who scores the most team points during their four year high school career
  • Awards to the top 8 place winners in each weight class

Please have all place winners (1 st - 8 th) stay in uniforms to receive their individual awards on Saturday.


Rules of the National Federation Edition, Wrestling Rule Book will be adhered to.

Tournament Officials

The Commissioners of officials of the Maryland Wrestling Officials Association and the Washington Metropolitan Officials Association will assign officials for the tournament.

Final Authority

The Tournament Wrestling committee shall have the final authority in all matters subject to the rules and regulations, seeding procedures, Tournament procedures, etc., herein specified.

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